Our 42" Plasma Monitor (P/N 20136) is the world's largest full color Plasma Monitor qualified for Onboard Entertainment Systems.


  • A wide 42" diagonal display, the monitor is 43.25" wide x 31.3" hight x 3.63" deep.
  • Slim and light weight design suitable for wall mounting.
  • High intensity screen with a wide viewing angle. The screen has a white peak brightness of 260cd/m2 and a viewing angle of greater than 160° comparable to that achieved with CRT's.
  • Meets DO-160D as applicable and ARINC 722 electrical interface and Boeing Harmonic Distortion requirements.
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Type: Plasma: 42" (106cm)
Display Pixels: Horizontal 852 x Vertical 480
Screen Dimensions: 36.2" x 20.4" (92 x 51.8cm)
Brightness: 260 cd/m2
Color Temp. 7,500° Kelvin
Grayscale: Equivalent 256 grayscales for each RGB (17.77 million colors)
Maximum Viewing Angle: Over 160 degrees
Contrast Ratio: 450:1 Typical
Input Specifications: BNC Connector 525/60 625/50 PAL/NTSC
Composite Video: 1 V P-P/50 OHMS
Remote Control: Infrared
Mounting: Isolation Suspension Wall Mount
Physical Dimensions: 43.25"W x 31.3"H x 3.63"D (111 x 80 x 9.3cm)
Power Requirements: 115V AC 400Hz (375W typical)
Operational Temp. -15°C -+ 55°C
Weight: 85 lbs.
Applicable Documents: RTCA/D0160C Compliant.
ARNC 722-Electrical Interface
D6-44588 Compliant. Boeing Harmonic Distortin Compliant.

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